Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Poor me....

 Oh my word that was a WHOPPER of a virus!!

My #3 child, who's taller than me, came home with a slight sniffle last week and it PLOWED through the house. My husband was the only one, so far,who hasn't gotten sick. 
Each of the boys was flattened by it for a day or two. 
I pushed through it long enough to get a chop, crop and drop edit done on my MS and then BAM.
I was down.

DOWN, people. 

How 'down'?

As in heating canned soup in a measuring cup and eating whilst standing up because it would be too much to sit down and get up again.

actual menu item > 

Yes, I even ignored my hair. In fact, I'm resting up to wash it after sort of looking like I've been up in the mountains of Bolivia for 5 days.

Only not as good.

(BTW? I miss being on the Radio Team!!)

Yes, I KNOW there are actual sick people in the world. But you didn't think I'd not survive The Cold of 2013 and NOT have some fun with it??

Excuse me while I go crawl into bed after exhausting myself by sitting up for half an hour.



  1. Yes, if anyone can have fun with a cold -- even the Cold of 2013 -- it would be you.


    1. Thank you. The least I can do for all these germs is entertain them, right?

  2. You might have made me giggle-snort.

  3. You made me smile when I really needed it.

    I had to put my dog down on Wednesday. Her name was Blithe, actually Blithe Westie (like the Noel Coward play Bithe Spirit) which is where the BW that I use comes from.


  4. Aww, Lori, I a, SO SORRY about Blithe!!
    But I'm honoured to have given you a smile.