Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Annnnnnnd, she's down.

I had planned to write Part Two Of My New Mexico-Colorado Adventure.

But instead, you have to read about the (roughly) 35 x-rays, the cat scan and the ice storm.

Roll those altogether, add a hockey tournament in small town Canada, and you have my weekend.

Okay, LONG story short, we were in Miramichi NB for a tournament and there was a wicked ice storm. EVERYTHING was coated in ice. And I mean, everything. Roads were ice rinks, ice rinks were open and hockey must go on, right?

My friend Lynn had parked her SUV, she headed one way and I headed the other, thinking the already driven on road was better than the slick parking lot. I was walking slllllloooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwllllllllly and carrying a cup of tea in each hand. I slipped, up went the cups, and down came me.
Or, in order: my knees, quickly followed by my chin, then my arms. 

I smashed my chin into the ice, and I could hear something snap. I think it was either my neck, or my shoulder. Not sure. 

Anyway, next, my arms went out in front of me, still holding the tea. My hands didn't have a chance to go palm open and catch my fall. And so, I landed like a volleyball player , not a skater. I'm no doctor,  but I think THAT move saved me 2 broken wrists.

And a complete meltdown, because a writer needs to type, yes?????

I managed to get my self up, then I slid and hobbled to the rink, inside and then found some of our other team parents. Of course, I needed to make sure my son had a water bottle and speak to him before the game. He was in net. 

I made it to the stands where the other parents were and that's when things got hazy. And woozy. One of the moms, Alicia, is a nurse, and I asked her to take a look at my shoulder. Then next thing we know, I'm in Renee's truck on the way to the ER. Something about my sore head and wanting to keep my eyes closed.

We got to the hospital, then somebody asked some questions, then poof, I was on a gurney, in a neck brace. 

4 hours, at least 35 x-rays, one cat scan and a really painful shot of pain killer into my thigh, I was back in the truck and in a neck brace and sling.

My friend Renee was a godsend!! She texted back and forth, from the ER, with the other parents at the game, and called my husband and kept him posted. 

Once we got back to the hotel, my son and I got settled in and then I attempted to sleep. Hahahaha.

Sunday morning, they had an 8am game, but got back at 8:45am. The other team didn't show up. Not a phone call, nothing. Stay classy, Tracadie!! So, we made the finals!
Another mom, Jennifer, drove me to the game. Our boys won and I was elated, but I just so badly wanted to get home.

ANOTHER mom, Sandra,  drove me and my van home and my son went in the truck with her hubby and sons.

I am SO happy to be home. And I am SO thankful to not have fallen backwards. I would have crack my skull and badly injured my already weak back.

Thank you, for all your help, Wildcat moms!!



  1. Jennifer. Oh, Jennifer. Oh. Jennifer. I'm so sorry. Forced kickback time - but what a price to pay! I WISH I could bring over some hot tea and put my feet up beside you. I'd bring that other sista with me, (we'd be drinking coffee, ahem), and we'd make these next two weeks fly!

    Hugs - gentle hugs, but hugs, none-the-less.


    1. Ohhhh, tea with you, and you know who, would be so lovely!!
      And the word is I can move my arm around. YAY!!

  2. Oh, dear!

    Please, please do not DO that again. there any way I can wreak vengeance on the ice that felled you?

    Seriously, please follow the suggestions for rest. You are SO LOVED by so many people, and we want to see you well. Not fast. Well.

    Oh...forgot to ask...did you keep from spilling the tea?

    1. Thank you, Andrew.
      Please take a flame thrower to the ice for me, thank you!
      And I did spill the tea, sorry.

  3. OUCH! Chin up? Down? Which is it? I can never remember. :D Please rest!

    1. Hahahaha!!
      My FIRST thought when I hit the ground???
      " Oh yeah, CHIN DOWN!!!"

  4. Jennifer, I did the very same thing back in December. Walking slow ... in a McDonald's parking lot ... I didn't stand a chance. Not even a chance to catch myself. I was DOWN instantly. My Styrofoam drink cup saved my left hand and side. My right wrist was sore. I bashed my chin ... cut it ... gashed it ... and had to go to church that way! I was bleeding in church! We left right after Sunday school ... I was really shaken up. But I bet you didn't cry like I did! I cried like a baby from the fall to the car. The funny part ... my husband's first words were, "Get up!" He was afraid I'd get run over ... add insult to injury. He had to help me up, and he almost fell in the process! I had been seeing a chiropractor for my back already ... so after visiting him, my neck was good. But I think I may have some knee injury. I cut my knee and tore a hole in my favorite jeans. When I went down and hit my chin ... my first thought was, "Do I still have my teeth?" My sister lost her two front teeth from a fall years back ... Ugh. Hope you are feeling better.

    1. ... all about my fall! ha!

    2. OH MY WORD!!!
      You're lucky you still have your teeth!!!
      You poor thing!

  5. So sorry it happened, Jenn. I'm praising God it wasn't worse, and sending prayers for a speedy, complete recovery. Bless you.