Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The a writer. Who isn't *just* a writer.

So, in the last few years, I've completed two manuscripts, also known as "books".

And yes, I call what I've got filed in my laptop books because well, it's easier. 

Until then, I'm in that season right now known as waiting.

Most days, like today, I'm content to wait on God and my agent to sort things through.
Other days, I am not.
But, one thing I'm learning in all this, is patience. 
Oh, and balance.


Why balance? 
Because I have a busy life, and while I'm blessed to have it, it is still busy.
Although, until I took up writing, let's just say it was less busy.

So, what do we call this? That existance in which a whole lot of juggling is going on.
Well, one could use the analogy of a long journey, or a game, or a road, or a life...but, really, the best one for me is adventure.

The kind where you stare down your adversary and win, but not til you've flown through a whirlwind.

For the record, *I* don't hate snakes.
Bugs, yes. But not snakes.

So, whilst listening to my iPod as I refinish an Empire mahogany dining set, I'm doing a few things at once. Let's face it, sanding isn't brain surgery. So while I graduate from 100 grit to 220, I'm also pondering the storyline for Book Three.

and Book Two, we meet Tsi'tnaginnie and his younger brother Natanii.

But in Book Three, we meet Rose. She introduces herself to the family by stealing a horse. A hanging crime, in 1894.
That might not go over well. Not at all.


While all this is keeping me hopping, I'm also prepping my website for a launch at the end of November.

I'm totally nervous and excited! 
But for now, I need to go do laundry.

And figure out how to act like a grown up.

Or at least fake it.


  1. I wish I had these in my hands TODAY! I need an escape from the land of interviews and negative feedback. I'm definitely thinking it's time to become a part time supply teacher, full time author. You inspire me, my friend!

    By the way, am I mistaken, of was Book Two born of that first manuscript I read nearly four years ago?

    1. Thank you!! And yes, Book Two is the evolution of that manuscript. Which you need to burn.

    2. I only had it electronically, so no burning required. But the Kobo it was on died, so I guess pretty much the same thing 😉.

  2. I still have it. It might be worth millions some day. �� I am honoured to have the rough draft of the book. It may not look anything like the final, but it was the baby that started it all.

    1. Ohhhhh, goodie!!
      Burn it whenever you want!!

  3. That waiting is so hard, but it will be so worth it, and I'll be rejoicing with you when the time arrives. :)