Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

I saw this Maya Angelou quote...thank you Kimberly Buckner!!!

I met a lovely person named Kimberly Buckner at the ACFW conference last September. She had the Maya Angelou quote on her Facebook wall today.

I read it.

Then read it again.

And it was like, BAM!! 

As if God was saying, patiently and yet again, "Stop trying to win this contest of your own making, because I know you aren't ready for the prize you think you want...and yet, you refuse to accept that you are a prize to Me."  

Have you ever tried, and tried and TAH-RYE'D to get someone to notice you? Someone you think is cooler than ice in Iceland in January? Someone with whom you want a genuine friendship to form, and yet they're all "Ohhh, heyyy, I can fit you in...someday." 

And you lap it up like a puppy? Because you really think this person is awesomesauce on a bowl of awesome?

I had a moment, or several, let's be honest, of this thought process last week. And it stung. It hurt. it was kinda embarrassing. But then I realized something....

If Person X doesn't think I'm awesome? WHY IN THE WORLD DO I KEEP PERFORMING THE LOOK-AT-ME DANCE???

So, Redheads, think of that one person who you'd love to go to Prom with and then say this to yourself, regarding that Person:

"So, you, yeah lose, because well, I quit. I quit trying to impress you, and get your attention. You're nice, and all, but you clearly do NOT know awesome when you see it. Go get your eyes checked and I'll see you around."

And let's confess a little, shall we? We still wish Person X would clue in, don't we?

Hey, if they do? Great.

If not, get together with your tried and true friends and remember...they are the ones who'd give you the last piece of pie.

AND all the aweomesauce to go with it.

And just so you KNOW?

God made you the way you are. And you ARE awesome.


  1. Thank you, Jennifer. We all need this reminder. Just be ourselves ... and allow God to bring the people into our lives HE chooses to. The people who like us for us ... our silliness, our mistakes ... just us.

    1. Amen to that!

      And I am SO glad He brought you into my life.

  2. You are awesome just the way you are! :) love you, friend