Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Monday, July 16, 2012

Grace, blessings and over rolled R's.


I am TRYING not to obsess about the trip.


No really, I promise.

Other than buying some maple syrup and chocolates. Only to find out when I got home that someone else requested chocolates. But hey, I am FINE with that!

I have some paperwork to do and a column to write and I am ignoring them.

I am avoiding them so badly that I just mopped two bathrooms instead.

I'm listening to classical music on itunes. Suo Gan sung by Susan Bullock. LOVE it. Although she overkills rolling her R's.

Yeah, maybe I should shut up since I haven't sung on the BBC... yet.

Still no word on any injuries from the 3 boys at camp. WOOO!!!

And my daughter hasn't reported any pregnancies. Yay.

I am struck lately by God's incredible grace and blessing on me.
He made me a writer.
And I am about to go to where my story is set.
That slays me.

I have done NOTHING worthy of His gifts.
And yet, He still delights in me and blesses me.


Who am I that He would call me by name?

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  1. Can you sing "Men of Harlech"?

    Who are you, that He'd call? You're the apple of His eye, someone who delights in the gifts He's given, someone who uses the tools He's placed in your hands.

    When you use those tools for your enjoyment...don't you think He enjoys it, too? That's why He gave them to you. So that you'd have joy, and that your joy would be full.