Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RED hair!

My stylist was in a motorcycle crash last week.
My appointment was last week.
She had the nerve to break 2 ribs and crack her hip bone BEFORE she did my hair.
I know, right?
Wanna hear a song?

My word, I felt bad for her and awful because my FIRST thought was "but I was getting foils done!!"

She's off work for a month.
The poor thing.

Thank the Lord that He knows exactly how self absorbed I am.

My very nice next door neighbour is a stylist, and get this....
I actually LIKE what she did MORE than what my stylist does.
Now I have great hair and a fabulous back-up in case my regular stylist goes horse back riding.

8 days and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you say "excited"???
Gooooood, I knew you could.

And speaking of eights.

8 pounds off!!!!
I'm doing the glycemic index/low carb/no sugar eating habit...thing.
I refuse to use the D word.

I'm the lightest I've been since 2009, and I'm down 16 pounds since last summer.

My reward, if I drop the 50-60pounds I'm aiming for, is a pair of vintage Levi's 501 button fly jeans. Old school wash, no pre-fading.

I finished the Deep POV revision on my WIP and cut a grand total of 14,000 words.
Hellllooooo needless back story and surgical revisions.

Thanks for visiting, and here's my question....

If you had to chose another country to live in, which one would it be and why?


  1. Where are the pics, sister???? I wanna see red.

    Where would I live..... does Planet Fiction count?

    Okay. I'd probably choose Scotland. I'm a sucker for rolled r's and men in skirts. And it's centrally locate for jaunts into England and Ireland, too!

    1. *located. Uh-oh. It's catching....

  2. Ahhhh, the rolled R. That's up there with "I'm sorry, I'm going to have to see some ID *young lady*."

    I'll take some pics soon, well, as soon as the house is empty. ;) I get mocked for taking self portraits and loading them within seconds. Blahblah vanity blahblahblah.

    Look, a whole comment without a dropped letter!!!

  3. Oh, man, I used to live in Levi 501 jeans. My favorite pants ever. Have not worn them since...well...many, many pounds ago.

  4. First, your poor stylist!
    Second, congratulations on your continued weight loss. I am trying too and having nowhere near the success you are.
    Third, why am I doing this silly numbering thing...?

    Anyway, to your question, it's a tie. There are two countries I'd like to live in other than my own. One is Canada because I've met so many Canadians who are just really great people, one of whom is red-headed and writes a blog. My sister and brother in law live in Canada for half the year, so if I moved there, I'd still get to see them about as often as I do now--and they have neighbors who are really wonderful people. So I'm fairly sold on Canada. Also, as long as I don't move to Montreal, I can already speak the national language. That is true of the other country I'd really love to live in. That country is Ireland. Why? Because I'm only a second-generation Irish-American on both sides of my family so Ireland is my ancestral home and I feel connected to it. My sister and brother in law have, as usual, beaten me to it. They've been there a couple of times and say the place is gorgeous and the people are wonderful. The people in the small town where my brother in law's grandfather lived embraced him as one of their own (and yes, even my in-laws are second generation Irish-American). All the family roots are over there. I, unlike my sibling and her husband, have only visited Ireland online. Thank heaven for Google Earth!

    Sooo excited about your book and will be praying for you when you start querying. Hopefully it will be an amazingly quick ACCEPT!
    And praying for your safe trip to New Mexico, etc.

    I hope all goes well with your daughter's visit.