Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Te amo Bolivia!!!

Our director Alex Muir, his son Greg Muir who is a missionary with the Quechua Indians, and a lovely Quechua lady we met. Greg is about 5'9.

Waiting in a small village for their radio. It was about 100F. There were about 300 people who came.

My dear brother Hector Mamani Albino. One of the finest people I've ever known. EVER. He has the heart of a lion. And he never stops smiling.

Brenda Swann Phinney. She knit all of these sweaters. You see the love? I was there. Those kids were stunned beyond words that a gringa gave them such treasures.

This dear man stayed for the entire time we were there, in the village of Tusquina. On crutches. In serious heat. Just because we were there. 

Woody Scott, from New England.
Those boys stood around until Woody smiled and asked for their help. He's a trained, professional Grandfather. That one touch on that boy's shoulder, that "well done" sent him to the moon. I'm not sure if he came back.

A goat trail from Mojon Khasa to the road. It went 1000 feet UP. At 15,000 feet, the oxygen level in the air was 40% less than we were used to. It was a lung burning, brain frying, leg killing hike. My heart was POUNDING. Then we saw a Quechua man carry our generator up the trail on his back.

How we travel in-country.

And why prayer is EXTREMELY important!!

Like, REALLY important!!

Just love them. That's all. Oh, and jump rope at 15,5000 feet and not die.

This is Willian. Yes, with an N. He has cerebral palsy. Ian's brother is autistic. Ian LOVED that little boy and that showed the entire village that we meant what we said.

But if you think Ian loved him? Kelsey literally cried for DAYS when we said good bye to him.

Te amo Boliva.

I'll see you in FIVE WEEKS!!!!


  1. Hope you have the time of your life! I just know God will use you. :)

    1. Thanks Lindsay! Someone is going to have the time of her life next week??? You're going to do great. You have such poise and elegance.

  2. Jennifer, will be praying for you on this trip! Have you been there only once before?