Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stay in the game.

I am not having the best day.


But? Isn't Jennifer usually in a good mood?

Yes. And the sky is usually blue, but kids, clouds do roll. And so does thunder.

I told my husband of my mood. Then he started grinning like a gameshow host.

He grinned as big and fakey perfect as he could and said "See, I'm SMILING!"

I might keep him around, he knows when to make me smile. And he let me tell him exactly what was wrong. He understands. He gets it. He understands me. Which is awesome, especially when I want to hide in a corner.

Then I emailed a friend and vented. Again.
Hey, who doesn't want a chorus of "You are awesome" when you feel like the most un-awesomely, ickky blob around?

You know what I mean, right? There are those friends that you KNOW will listen and let you vent and get all "you tell 'em!!" and then do what needs to be done.

My friend also gave me the advice that I needed and the understanding that I wanted. Then he said something that was so simple, but knocked me sideways. Four words that slayed me. BAM! Just like that.

He said ...

"Stay in the game."

He didn't go on and on about life and God wants you to be happy and look at all your blessings and you should be thankful and blahblahblah.

He knew that a simple statement was all I needed. God gives us words from people we know and love, and this was four of  them.


Thank you, my friend.

And back at you.


  1. Jennifer, I'm glad that you were able to vent both to your husband and to your friend. And I'm thankful that those four words helped and that you've decided to "stay in the game."

    You're right. A long speech about God and counting your blessings and etc. sometimes is the LAST thing you need to hear. It's like someone saying, "You have all these things going for you; you have no right to be upset or to feel down or to be in a bad mood." Well, sorry, but actually you DO have a right to be upset or in a bad mood or whatever sometimes're human. You don't need to be happy all the time or funny all the time. You just have to be Jennifer and Jennifer is good and invaluable no matter what mood she's in.
    You're in my prayers all the time, but especially today. Christine

  2. Aww, thankyou Christine. Thank you VERY much.
    It's not been the best day, but thankfully, it's been getting better.

  3. Sometimes, I hang on



    and the pain


    and that's enough.

    1. Fight.
      You know I mean it.
      And I know you'll do it.
      One more minute with her, is one less minute that she's alone.
      Dear brother, stay in the game.

  4. Jennifer - I wonder what's in the air? I've been feeling the same blah emotions lately. Yesterday I had a critique on my WIP and it stung a little. I told my hubby that I'm going through all the highs and lows of the writing journey, just like I knew I would, but it still stinks. I thank God I also have a hubby that I can be totally honest with and he gets me, big time. Thanks for keeping it real, Jennifer!

    1. Gabrielle, thankyou for stopping by.
      I can't be anything other than real. I've tried to say what I think is expected, but I crash every time. I try to be as honest and Christlike as I can. But as real as I can.
      I don't recall Jesus ever instructing anyone to say what sounds right to the ears of men.