Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Monday, October 8, 2012

Turkey and stuffing and cheesecake, oh MY!

Good morning my peeps.
Like the new picture?
<<< It's over here. I probably just pointed at the back ground photo.

*Peeps* is street for "people".
 Seriously? Did I have to explain that to someone who builds airplane parts? I did. So sad when the old people forget meaningful cultural references.
Then again, some people were amazed I could call the USA. On my phone. Read that again. I know, right? No matter how cute you are, I'll still laugh whenever I think that you were slightly surprised to know we have PHONE LINES up here that connect to the Lower 48.

Anyway, since we've outted a few reasons to razz one or two of's time to grow up and say...

Happy Thanksgiving from your devoted Canadian bloggerista!! 

Things I'm thankful for today?

-my health, even though I'm sore and stiff right now.
-my husband , even though he snores. Alot. Whoa. Dude, it's a good thing I'm in love with you, That was LOUD. 
-my kids, even though they eat us out of house and home.
-the health of my family, especially our parents. John's dad will be 96 this Christmas. NINETY SIX???
-good friends who keep me sane. Ish. Sane-ish-like.
-good friends who love me even though I'm crazy.
-a great church and an awesome pastoral team.
-a new phase in life where writing a book is no longer a dream, but a reality.
-for writer friends who've become sisters and keep me grounded and aware of the world around me, and amuse me to no end. And a writer brother or two, too! 

And in all seriousness, I am deeply, profoundly thankful for a true and pure miracle last night. The Ford Explorer carrying my friends' three sons, and the girlfriends of two of the boys, on a long drive home from a family wedding went off the highway and flipped over, landing on the roof. The roof caved in, all four windows blew out and the RCMP found all five kids hanging upside down in their seatbelts. No, none of them had been drinking. Not even a sip.

All five ended up in the ER. They were CAT-scanned and x-rayed and then all five walked out to their parent's cars and went home, safe, sound and only slightly bumped up.

The RCMP were stunned to get five, conscious, alive kids out of that truck.

Do not, for one split second, dare to tell me that miracles don't happen anymore.

I know the names of five of them. 


  1. I forgot you guys have a different Thanksgiving! :) So...happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks!! It was a great day and a fun dinner. Ahhhh, turkey!

  2. Yes, happy Thanksgiving. Columbus Day here...and do you think I celebrate? Ummm..Vikings came first. That's all I have to say about that.

    And I love that you're using American street words in your posts.

    And I'm so glad there are phones all the way in CANADIA...

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Jennifer! Wow, praising Jesus with you that He kept those kids safe and sound. And here's to husband that snore ;-) *rasing my glass in a toast*

    1. Thanks! At least when they snore, we know exactly where they are, right?

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, sista!

    Miracles. What better thing to be thankful for???

    My little one and I were just talking about divorce because another friend's parents are splitting up and it made her sad. It made me thankful for good men, for champions...even though they snore, and have scratchy faces.

    From one grateful girl to another,

  5. Thanks, and yes, a champion is a champion, and the snoring just means they're still breathing...making lemonade here..