Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My Facebook got hacked AGAIN.

So I deactivated it.
I had joined in 2007.
That's SIX YEARS worth of contacts and some really REALLY important messages.


Let's put it in perspective, shall we?

God is good.
I have a home.


  1. All of this and the flu too! But you're right, God is good. You have a home. And a family and friends. But still, it's frustrating! And to have lost six years worth of messages.... I'm praying for the hacker--but it's hard. Why anyone would get joy out of disrupting people's lives like this is beyond me.

    Anyway, try to forget about FB for a while. Rest and feel better. You're in my prayers.

  2. Jennifer, I just wanted to let you know that, since you deactivated your FB account, I unfriended you. When you set up a new account, just send me a new friend request so that I know that it's you.

    1. No worries!! I'd encourage everyone to do the same!!

  3. Aw man, that stinks! Dumb Facebook...or rather, dumb hackers. Hope the start of your new year takes a turn for the better. :) Blessings!

  4. When I thought you might have been hacked, I did a Google search on FB hacking, to verify that what I saw was indeed evidence of foul play.

    What I found shocked me - several websites at the top of the search instructing all and sundry HOW TO HACK FACEBOOK!

    Truly, the Internet has lowered the moral bar so drastically that a snake would have to dig a hole to get under it.

    Enough to turn one into a Luddite.

  5. Yeah, sucks eh? I was furious, and I know I was hit by someone who knew me. The spam kept going to the same people. Or people who were more important than others, shall we say.