Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You can all dance now!

I'm SO glad to be back, I missed hanging out here.
I swear, 30 seconds after Christmas was over, BAM!! I was SICK, people, S-I-C-K!!

Fever, chills, coughing, sleeping for days on end kind of SICK.

If my germs were a movie character, they'd have been this guy.

But now that I'm feeling a bit better, those germs are more like this guy. 

And I'm the dinosaur.

Soooooooo, what's next for Jennifer? Well, revisions, revisions, and hey, I know?? 
And this weekend I get to go to ANOTHER hockey tournament, only this time the town is this>.< big.

Load the tablet with some books and off we go!


Eating in restaurants and hotel breakfast buffets. Blech.

I'll be living on Diet Coke, unless we go somewhere that serves, GASP, Diet Pepsi.


The upside? Quality time with our Little Dude. 


  1. Love it--dangerous GERMS there! So glad you're finally feeling better. Enjoy your Diet Cokes at the tournament!

  2. Thanks!! Yes, those germs can stab you or lop off an arm.

  3. Ha ha, love the connection between germs, Magua, and dinosaurs! Welcome back, so glad you're feeling better.

  4. Hey, I can make ANYTHING work! And thanks!

  5. LOL! Those pictures are hilarious and seriously, I'm thinking about taking Monopoly money with me and trying that out! I don't like either of those sodas. I'm a Diet Dr. Pepper/Diet Root Beer/ Diet Mt. Dew kinda gal. Please like me anyway!

  6. I still love you Jessica...and I promise to visit you at Betty Ford where I trust you'll be going soon to get rid of the Dr. Pepper issues. was that for passive-aggressive?

  7. Blessings on your revisions Jennifer! :)

  8. Why do I NOT get these in my email??? I sign up, I get a few, then I don't get them anymore and I have to sign up again. ARE YOU UN-FRIENDING me?

    Magua, T-Rex, cute kids. Diet pepsi. All germs. Pegged it.


  9. I have the same problem with alot of blogs I sign up for.
    Unfriend you? YOU??
    As IF!
    Hugs back!

  10. Germs germs go away -- don't come again another day ;) --- wow that dude looks wicked! I better watch me some LOTM :)

  11. Jaime, I keep hoping Magua will get all nice and make everyone a spot of tea, but nope, he smites Uncas every time!! Thanks for visiting!

  12. Ahh! You've nailed it with the comparisons to germs! One of my twins had rotavirus over Christmas and, to put it mildly, the child pooped rivers of diarrhea! I'm being blunt because it was terrible! I did a little research and discovered that 450,000 children die from rotavirus a year in underdeveloped countries, because of dehydration. Those germs can be nasty! I hope you're feeling better and the hockey tournament went well. :)

  13. Oh Gabe, the poor little boy :(. Give him lots of Gatorade or Pediasure, or something. Hugs, Mom.
    One of my boys had RSV when he was little, I'd never even heard of it. A week in the hospital.

  14. Hilarious post. I love the pictures. The only problem is that the germ in the second picture is soooo cute, I don't want him to die. Maybe scaring the germs away is enough, you big dinosaur. :)
    I'm glad you're feeling better.

    I love the new look to your post. It gets better and more professional all the time.

  15. Hi Christine!! Thank you, I'm trying to spice up the blog and make myself appear to be at least mildly intelligent. I owe alot to Amanda Dykes, she gave me alot of great advice.

    Isn't that kid adorable? I saw it somewhere, I think Pinterest, and it was called "The reason photoshop was invented".