Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm taking a leave of absence...

From NOT whining.


See how I italised and boldeded that?

So, about the whining...

Insert a moment of pouting n-n-n-n-now...

Actually, for most of today. 

I just did not do a thing.

And yes, that is me. 
And I have a pet unicorn.

Oh wait. I read. 

And I made the minions supper.

Ever have those days where you just think...nope...I refuse to be a grown-up? Where, or, pardonez moi, grammar police, in which, you just decide, yup, it's recess. ALL DAY. 

And you can hear the inner voices telling you to do all kinds of things, that you SHOULD be're done.

Done like toast.

And you NEED to do nothing.

Not because you are frazzled, but so you won't get frazzled.

So remember to take a day and CHILL....

To relax...

To breathe...

To take a mini-vacation.

don't hate me this is my photo...


 Go back at it!!!


  1. Um. Like, every day. Every. Day. But then I realize my book will never get finished if I don't DO SOMETHING about it, and SOMEBODY keeps bugging me, so…yeah.
    But I like rest. A lot.

    1. Somebody bugs you??? Now WHO could that be???

  2. There are moments when all the dogs are quiet and there is a magical stillness, and yes, I do take those as mini-vacations. Never a full day, but all the more precious in their brevity.

    1. No, NEVER a dull day at Casa Del Bella!

  3. Jennifer,

    It's good to take a break. Everyone should. As for making the minions supper, you should of order take out or a pizza. Mom deserves a break from cooking once in a while.

    Have a Happy Easter!


    1. Yes, Mom does deserve a break, and I got one over the weekend. Ahhhh.