Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Research, road trip and hopefully no arrests.

The trip.
My good friend Karen Antone is Mohawk/Tuscarora/Oneida.
Yes,she's an American Indian.
Living in Fredericton, NB, doing mission work with Canadian Native people.
Her family did evangelism all across the US and Canada. She has been to every state except Alaska and Hawaii, or to the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico.

So when I started my book back in December, I began asking her questions regarding the Navajo culture. The hero is a Navajo Indian.
 Before long, she suggested we do a road trip across Navajo country and I could meet some of her Navajo friends and get an insider's education from Navajo people. One that would not happen if a white Canadian just showed up at a Navajo cultural centre  (that is how to spell it properly) and started asking questions. To walk up to someone and say "So, you're a Navajo Indian, tell me everything !" is bordering on insulting and well within the boundaries of stupid. To really have the little nuances that would make the book so much more authentic, I would need the grace and kindness offered only to a friend.

Although Karen's plan sounded awesome and incredible...there were a few minor, slight, ever so tiny problems.

A) We couldn't afford it.
B) We have 3 kids at home and 1 living with her *gem* of a boyfriend.
C) When could I go? School, hockey, school, soccer, school and of course, hockey. The logistics are enough to make you weep.
D)John is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS away in July for work. I cannot remember when he was home in July. I can not remember. I am single every July. I manage everyone and everything.
E) And holy cow, Arizona and New Mexico are very far away, hotels cost ALOT of money in summer and hahahah, HOW are we going to get there? Airfare in July? Bwahahahaha!

But when you pray, and you ask HIs will and for Him to lead you down the path He has made for you...God things happen.

John's work budget got cut. It got cut be roughly what he'd spend to do his field work. In July. Sooooo. No field work. In July. That means he'll be home. In July. To keep the house in order. In July. The kids don't have school. In July.

We have 11,800 Airmile points. A flight to Oklahoma CIty is 4350 points. Plus...get this....including travel cancellation and health insurance, my flight cost me...$248.53. Bahahaha!!!I cannot fly to Saint John for that! And Saint John is anhour's drive from here!

She has friends and family everywhere between Oklahoma and Phoenix and back. All with guest rooms and extra towels.

And Karen is needed in July. She's *driving* down with her sister. They leave next week. After they are done their work in Oklahoma, there is just enough time to drive from Oklahoma City to New Mexico and Arizona. And room enough in the car to bring a friend.

And what is in Arizona and New Mexico???

The Navajo Nation.

God is good.


  1. I love how God works out all the details and He's probably smiling and shaking His head saying: "And you ever doubted me?!?!" :)

  2. This is so stinking awesome for you! I am so thrilled that God locked everything into place for you!

  3. Oh, and thanks so much for putting my blog on the right! I feel honored!