Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Monday, August 20, 2012

Home at last!!!

We're HOME!!

I enjoyed (ish) our vacation. But let's remember, I was away for 2 weeks before I came home and went away for 11 days.

Super ultra TIRED!!!!!!

I was so very happy to crawl into my bed on Satuday night and only felt minor twinges of guilt for sleeping throough church on Sunday morning.
The nice thing is I'm married to a guy who understands the need to fall splat on the floor and unpack days after we get home. He was all hyper about cleaning the van yesterday, but ewww, who wouldn't be? After 2 weeks with 3 boys and travelling 18 hours, over two days, each way??

The cottage was acceptable, and the roof held back the rain.

But...home IS better.

 I love that my tea can be served in mugs that I like (tall and hold alot of tea) and my toaster toats both sides at once.
I can soak in my tub and not worry about getting an as yet un-named tropical disease.
Each burner on the stove works.
There are no weird flying things attacking me.
The neighbour's dog doesn't bark at 5 am. Every. Stinking. Day.
I can do my laundry.
I can do the boys' laundry.
No one is serving moose and venison steaks.
My bed is not made of rusty bed springs and a WW2 vintage mattress. Okay, I lied. The Korean War.
And the bestest best thing about being home????


What is YOUR best thing about home?


  1. I've missed seeing you these past few weeks! I agree, there's no place like home (insert red clicking heels here). I especially liked your tea mug that holds a lot of tea - I'm with you on that one. :)

    I've been busy getting ready for ACFW! I only have four chapters left to edit in my WIP, but they're the four most intense in the whole book! :)

  2. Hey Gabe! I feel a bit wistful about AFCW, but I'm not ready for it. Not at all!!
    I'm going to Bolivia on October 19th (rough date) and that will be an emotionally draining experience. I've been 3 times, so I know what to expect.
    I couldn't do ACFW and Bolivia so close together. Nope. I'd spend the flight to Bolivia worrying about the after effects of ACFW. I do hope to go to the conference next year, when I've had another year of writer-ness under my belt.

    Thanks for visiting! I miss you too.

  3. I'm glad you're finally home! It's nice to visit elsewhere (and I'm glad you visited me!), but it's always nice to be home.

    Best thing about home? Time to myself to just reflect

  4. Welcome to the place where you fit the indentation in the sofa, the kitchen order makes sense, you can actually sleep on the bed and there's no need to be nervous when you're in the throne room.