Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Thursday, August 30, 2012

25 things about me, plus a bonus.

I'm borrowing this idea from Lindsay Harrel and Melissa Tagg...

But I'm tweaking it a little. I'm going to use the whole alphabet!

A-Atlantic Ocean-I live an hour from the ocean, but hardly ever go there. Stuuuupid!

B-Boys- we have THREE!!! 18, 14 and 9.

C-I am CANADIAN!!! Can you tell I'm proud of my country?

D-Dog, we have one, his name is Tippy.

E- Endurance, I need some.

F-Fish, we have ...some. How do you count fish?

G-God, is my rock and refuge, my everything.

H-Help, I beg for it and I appreciate those who give me the help I need!

I-Indians- My book has Navajo Indian culture all through it.

J-My name is Jennifer! I'm married to John.

K-Katie, our daughter, age 21.

L-Lakes. Ew. Don't like them. Mushy bottoms.

M-Major, what an awesome family name. We have our own adjective!

N-Normal. I ain't.

O-Opera, someday I want to sing the Revenge Aria. And NOT blow it.

P-Popular-see normal.

Q-Quesadillas. LOVE them!!

R-Rock star. When no one is looking, my husband pretends to be one.

S-Seriously pursuing a writing career.

T-tour, as in road tour. Just did one, it was TERRIFIC!!!

U-Unbelievable all the friends I have made since I jumped on the runaway horse of writing.

V-Victory, in Jesus and in this world of writing, someday.

W-Wild hearts can't be broken. Great movie. How I see life.

X-X-ray, John had one at the dentist last week.

Y-Youth. I wish my joints felt like they had some!

And our bonus letter???

Z-My maiden name, "Zarifeh", it's an Arab name. My mom married Saad Zarifeh when I was 12, he is AWESOME!!


  1. The alphabet soup of Jennifer Zarifeh Major! Yes!!!!

    Hugs, and more hugs,


  2. Love it and I did not realize where the Zarifah came from! So cool!