Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A writer's Thanksgiving prayer.

Dear Father, 

Thank you that the voices in my head aren't real.
I mean, I know they're REAL, but thank you that I can make them stop talking if I write down exactly what they say.

Thank you that I have friends who understand when I call them up and say "What kind of rope was best for hanging in 1892?"
Or, "how deep does a knife have to go to draw a whole whack of blood?"
Or even, "if I wanted to kill an entire family really fast, what is the best way?"

Thank you that they don't call my mom and have a chat about me.
Or the police.

Thank you that I know the best kinds of chemicals to use when I burn down a mansion.

Thank you that my heroes know how to ride horses and I don't have to explain spurs.

Thank you for Pinterest so I can post photos of cowboys and Native Americans and NOT get in trouble. Hello? Research! Duh.

Thank you for chaps.

Thank you for ridding society of corsets.

Thank you for the ability to ruin someone's life, slowly make it all better and then just when things look good, make it even worse.

Thank you for getting someone to invent chaps.
Oh, I said that already?
Huh. Chaps seem to be on my mind...

Thank you for fresh air, sunshine and wide open spaces.

Thank you for modern things like Pinterest so I can post pictures of chaps.

Thank you for crit partners who say things like "Um,  she already kissed him in the previous paragraph."
And who understand when I say "Well, she needs to kiss him again."
And they say "Oh, sounds good to me." 
And I say "Then the bad guy comes riding through the front door and shoots the chandelier down on top of them."
And they say "Perfect!! Then he can kidnap her and hide her in a cave!"

Thank you for imaginations, computers and notebooks.

Thank you for allowing us to be creative.
Thank you that we can offer it back to You.

Thank you for everything.


  1. hmmmm. I sense a theme here - 'thankful.' oh. and chaps. (says the flustered friend, resisting the urge to call because that would break the NO TALKING rule. Phew. I feel better, somehow.

    1. Ruthie!!! How are you? You poor sweet darling.
      Thank the Lord for email!!
      And thanks for the visit!!

  2. Thank you for Dairy Milk Chocholate.

    Thank you for Wacky Author Friends that keep creativity ALIVE. and make us Laugh our Backside off.

    Thank you for let us realize they are Gift from You, Lord so we know You are WACKY TOO!

  3. And thank you for a nice pair of boots.


  4. What a fun post, Jennifer. I hope you're having a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Keli! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
      We're, umm, Canadian, so I made frozen pizza.
      Not that we celebrate American Thanksgiving with frozen pizza, but we had our Thanksgiving last month.

      Happy Thanksgiving to the Gwyns!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Jennifer. Thank you for writing. May your chaps never stick. Get it? Chaps stick...chapstick? Oh nevermind...

    1. Same to you, Jim!
      About the happy and thanks and giving part. I prefer to never discuss your chaps. Ev.Er.

  6. I see you're enjoying Pinterest...haven't checked your boards lately! I veer more toward the sword-wielding Vikings over the chaps dudes. But we each have our own fields of research, don't we? Thankful for YOU!

  7. Pinterest is for WORK. Uh huh...
    And I could veer toward a Viking, if he had chaps. :)
    I'm thankful for you, too.

  8. It's all a part of how He made you so just go with it and be thankful for who you are. I hear voices too and usually they're pretty fun to play with.

    Hope your holiday was great!
    Diane :O)