Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Monday, November 19, 2012

Oh, so you're a writer are you?

This is for all my writer friends who aren't published ...YET.

Yes, you *are* a writer, if you've written something and put your name on it!!

Think of it this way...

If you sing, do people ask for a CD?
If you paint, do people ask about your next museum show?? 
If you dance, do people expect a pas de deux at Roy Thompson or Carnegie Hall?
If you sail, do people expect you to go solo to Hawaii?
If you carve, do they ask to see a cedar totem?
If you like to travel, do they ask why you haven't discovered a new country?   
If you like to make snowballs, do they ask if you make ice hotels in Denmark?

Don't let the "do you have a book on a shelf in a bookstore and a big cardboard cut-out of your hero? Oh you don't? Then you're not a writer" comments mess with your head!!

Do you have files all over the place with lives in them? Do you know people who don't exist?
Have you thought about murder, mayhem, theft, rescue, dragons, faeries, heroes, war, fire, water, kisses, embraces and even vengeance of Biblical proportions?

Then , my friend, you so totally and completely are a writer. 

Oh yes, you are!


  1. Oh yes, I am! Just ask my people who don't exist. They'll tell you.

    Jennifer - I just love you. Thank you - because like all writers accused of narcissism, I'm absolutely sure you wrote this about me.... right? At least, that's what my people are telling me....


    1. Yes. Yes I did. You and all the teetering hearts out there who KNOW they have a brilliant story and are sick of the " book yet?" comments.
      Listen to those people, they are very smart!!

  2. My people who don't exist are the only ones who really know who I am deep down inside. Nice piece of writing, Jennifer.

    1. What a cool statement Cherry, "My people who don't exist are the only ones who really know who I am deep down inside". How true! And thankyou, both for the compliment and the visit.

  3. I wonder if King David had the same problem?

    If he'd just gotten published earlier, that whole mess with Bathsheba could have been avoided...

    1. Ha! Andrew, good one! Or maybe he'd have spent less time in caves.