Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Alrighty kids! Here we go!!!

We're off to 


This is over the Caribbean somewhere. This means we've left our *world* behind and are off to the land of llamas (that's pronounced "yamas" ) and SPRING! We flew from Fredericton and then to Toronto with Air Canada. Not much choice there. You Canadians will know what I mean. Then from Toronto, we flew on Copa Airlines (excellent airline, BTW, better than I expected) to Panama City.

Panama City/Tocumen Airport.

Merciful heavens, it was RAINING !!!
That was the runway, and it was under 6 inches of warm water. There is a jungle out there, but the rain was so bad, you couldn't see a single tree. And it was loud!

After a layover in Panama, we flew to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. And once we were through the 1am customs and immigration cattle call with 200 other travelers, we headed for some comida. 



You know how some things LOOK good???


No, that is NOT all the luggage. There were a few more carts.

We had 30 suitcases, stuffed to the gills with our precious solar powered radios.

Later that day, we flew on to Sucre, Bolivia. What? Did you ask what state Sucre is in? Actually, it's not a "state", it's a "department". 

Welcome to Chuquisaca Department. And Sucre is, ohhhh, like, 300 or 400 YEARS old! 

Here's me and Aslan, just chillin and being all tourist-y. And there's a good reason to hang out and be a tourist. We spent 3 days acclimating to the altitude. Sucre sits at 9500 feet. One CANNOT just land at 9500 feet and jump in a jeep. Nope.

Like the hat?

Here we are, Day One, stopping for a potty break and photo op.

I'm sorry? What?
No. No, there was NOT a rest stop.

You see that wee little bush? 
Yup. THAT is your "rest stop".

And so begins the REAL trip!! Up and away from the city and into the "campo",  or as the missionaries and local residents call it, "the countryside". 

Basically, we're heading deep into the Andes, up into some of the most remote town and villages in South America.

And my friends, there is no I-95.

There is this. Thousands and thousands of miles of this.

And this road? 

Is really QUITE wide.

Our next post will discuss pitch, roll and the guy in the mirror.


  1. You showed that bush just for me didn't you? :)

    Ginger Rogers asked about you.

    1. Yes, the dried bush was shown so you'd appreciate the little things.
      Like doors.
      And walls.

      I prefer the cover of darkness!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. What an amazing experience you must have had.

  3. Looks awesome, Jennifer. Most of my knowledge of Bolivia comes from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which was shot in California, I believe. :)

    1. So you're saying you take your history from Newman and Redford?

  4. WOAH! Great pics. That road is something else! And the bathroom stop...

  5. I know that primarily it is supposed to be beautiful, but it is so funny!

  6. Jennifer,

    The Andes are beautiful!! I was in Peru in 1998. I didn't make it over to Bolivia. I'm glad you had a great trip!


  7. Looks like an amazing adventure. I wonder how you got involved in all this.

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