Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This won't be nice. I am MAD.
Remember last year when I'd talk about how bad my feet hurt? ALL the time???
Well, thankfully the (stupid) orthotics guy (who has commercials) never did notice the real problem. I mean, he's SUPPOSED to notice the difference between one problem and another. Right?!?!? Please just take my 375$ and don't really check my feet. The orthotics worked for a bit, but by Christmas, I was either in running shoes or hiking boots. The months floated by, with sore feet. Almost everyday. A few weeks ago my feet just kept getting worse and worse. I'm sure that standing and baking was the catalyst to another wicked flare up.
*****Baking for the Quechua? Completely worh the pain, just in case you're curious.*****

So I got into the doctor on Wednesday, I got his rather nice resident who I've seen before. So we did the "what is wrong" chat. She listened to me and as I spoke, she looked at me and said "that problem requires a surgical solution".
Crickets. Plenty of them.
"Ummmm. Can't we try physio first? Maybe?"
"Well, yes, we *can* try that, then perhaps if that doesn't work, we'll try the cortisone shots (that go IN your FEET) but the permanent recovery will most likely be through surgery". We discussed me waiting for the surgery until after I return fom Bolivia, as the recovery time, if I had something done over the summer, wouldn't give my foot enough time to strengthen.
Inner freaking commences. Mental math about WHEN to have the feet done, one at a time of course.
"Oh, umm, well, let's try physio FIRST, okay?"
"Yes, we can do that, and I'll send a referral to Doctor Makesalot." We then also discussed NOT getting the referral and just doing physio. Then on the way home I changed my mind, because sometimes referrals can talke months. So I called the doctor's office and requested a referral.
Later that day, 1Boy was in to get his allergy shots, and the receptionist politely broke the news about the foot surgeon.
What did she tell me that has me freaked???

The foot surgeon's office told her that there is a bit of a wait to even get an appointment.
3years to be exact. In case it's an emergency.
I welled up with tears and said to the receptionist "is not being able to walk an emergency?"
She said to do the physio and then come back to see my doctor and he and I could talk.

Tickets to the pity party are in the mail.

Friday, June 4, 2010