Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Deaf camp and beyond.

That's DEAF camp, not DEATH.

And the Sniders live in Westport.

Just so's ya know.

The screen shot looks like I'm about to sneeze.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ronie Kendig, Nightshade, and Team ZULU...and HOW STUPID AM I???

I have issues.
I know that.
In fact, a grasshopper landed on my skirt after church and I screamed. 
Issue # Uno? BUGS.

Okay, so, of them is that when I find I new writer I have to read everything he or she wrote.

Which brings me to Ronie Kendig...

Look at her smile! Doesn't she look calm and sweet?

Awwww, I know, right?  She's so pretty. And she's lovely. I met her last September at ACFW...
She's so sweet, and has such a lovely smile. She's SO "Mom and apple pie and Black Ops and flash bangs and bullets in the leg and a helicopter blown from the sky..."

Did you just drop your jaw?

HA!! You did! I saw you!!

The lovely Rel Mollet (find her here at : and I were chatting on good old Facebook about Ronie's writing. I'd told Rel I hadn't read any of Ronie's books. 
"Seriously?!?! Girl-that must be rectified immediately..."
I could hear her squealing all the way from Australia.

The thing is, I'm usually fairly cautious when it comes to investing in a new writer, simply because my reading time is so scarce. I'd seen Ronie's books at the bookstore and was tempted, but I confess, not enough to buy them, simply because I had zero time and my fear is when I do find a new author, I'll get happily sucked into their vortex. 

Well. BAHAHAHA. Sucked in?

How about 'sucked in' by a Stealth jet engine in reverse?

Okay, Rel, fine!  I rectified things!!! 

And I started with Team ZULU and "Operation Zulu-Redemption". A story in serial form about an all female Black Ops team who got set up, and the years it takes to vindicate them...but will there be redemption before they all get killed.  




Commence fanning self.


Then I moved on to the Nightshade series.

Sleep? Who needs sleep?


And just how stupid am I??
I could have been reading Ronie's work YEARS ago!!!!!

So...get thee to a bookstore and buy a Ronie Kendig book, or to Amazon and get the Operation Zulu series.

Ronie will kick your reader butt. You will willingly go without sleep. You will not see the plot twists coming, nor will you wonder "Do guys really talk like that?"

So, on my ever popular 1-5 Dairy Milk Review Scale?

Operation Zulu-Redemption? FIVE.
Nightshade series? FIVE.

And now I have to force myself to actually get my crit reviews done and my research done before I pick up another Ronie Kendig series.

Otherwise? I will get NOTHING done!!!!

I highly advise you get your butt over to her website and check out the awesomeness that is Rapid Fire Fiction!!

So, h
mmmm...but what about?

Jennifer? Back away from the "click here to buy" button!!! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back in time...until it got too hot and I wanted air conditioning.

My youngest and I went on a little excursion last week to a local historical museum. Fredericton was founded in 1785, and I'm glad I wasn't here then.
No, I am. Seriously. 

Two words:


Can anyone tell me what's different about this clock?


Here's our nice tour guide/re-enacter showing us a 3 sided bayonet, for when you want that flesh wound to gush all over the place.

The break room. Ohh, nice straw mattress. NO chance of vermin in there!!

Me want this desk!!

Note the snow shoes. All those poor Red Coats would have been weeping for England.

Keys and locks and umm, those are some KEYS.

(Zach kept apologizing to people for wearing the loser's shirt.)

Nice hat. It was actually meant to be that small. It was meant to come off if a bullet went in it.

Love the bling.

No, I don't care how cool history is, I'm glad to read it and write it, but BLISSED I didn't live it.