Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Rant. in plural...beware, I use the words 'shut' and 'up'.

Ahhhh, it's Friday.
Or as I'm feeling feel right now, FRYday.

I'll start trite and build from here.

-I hate winter. I hate being cold. And don't say "Oh, you'll miss this in July." Nope. Gotcha there. I. WILL. NOT!!!

-I don't feel like washing my hair. I am categorically lazy. AND I just gave written testimony to that notion. HOW lazy is a person if they avoid the trauma of washing AND drying their hair? Oh shut up, and don't answer that.

-I want my blog to have 23 thousand followers who hang on my every witty word. Like Jen Hatmaker. Mercy. I read her stuff and think, "this is how *I* talk!!". But, I'm not her. Although our names are close. Poor thing, I bet she's sitting at home, reading this, saying "Ohhhh, if I could, for but a moment, BE Jennifer Major!!!"  Sure, here's my hips, knock yourself out.

-My neck and my shoulder STILL hurt. Stupidstupidstupid ice storm!! My physio did acupuncture yesterday. No, we'll not being doing that again. Hello, waves o' pain. And guhhhh, NOT the needles, the after effects. Kinda like a pain hangover. Thank the Lord she's awesome in every other physio-y kind of way. And yes, things are WAY better than they were a month ago.

-There is a certain person I really, really, really, REALLY want to interview for my blog. This person is playing hard to get. I am not a 4 year old who's just been told she can't have ice cream for dinner. Buuuuut, I'd say I'm getting close. >this< close. Stomp. Stomp. Sticks tongue out. Stomp. Just say yes and get this over with!!! No, it's not Hugh Jackman. Frankly, I'm sick of his infernal begging.  

-I'm struggling to get my brain around a re-write. I know I CAN do it. I know I want to tell these stories. I'm highly frustrated. Yes. I know, I can hear a few people saying "Oh shut UP and stop whining! YOU have an agent! I don't. Stop complaining about a re-write,  do you know how hard this writing thing is???" 

   Yes. Yes, I do. Thanks. But it is still HARD. I have my rights, and one of them is whining. No, I haven't cried like a

And I am beyond grateful for my agent, believe me, I AM! But it doesn't mean I'm not allowed to be frustrated. When you pour months into a piece of work, and it turns out to be a piece of work, and you have to turn around and hit 'rinse, repeat', it is TIRING. It's exhausting, and it is disheartening.

I heard that 'you can do it!'. Thank you.

-I totally, completely, super, really, really, totally appreciate the mountain of hits my blog gets...but, PLEASE, say hello? PLEEEEEEASE.

                                                                        Thank you,

PS-go back one entry and leave a comment for the Bling...I'll draw a name Sunday night.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Got the winter blues??

All righty, Redheads, I admit it.
I hate, loathe, despise and generally don't enjoy winter.

I've got..the Winter Blues. 

Soooooo, why not do something about it??

I decided, why not give my blues away?
Take a look, wontcha?
There's some navy blue fingerless mittens, a blue and gold silk scarf, a blue cotton dishcloth to give to someone so they can do your dishes...

And, hey now, is that...bling? glass beads earrings, blue ceramic beads, dipped in a copper glaze, and??

A sea glass and sterling silver arrowhead pendant.
And arrowhead??? How cool is that??


Anyone spot anything I didn't describe?

Here's the fine print...
I could not get wound up in Rafflecopter just yet, so we're going old school...

1) If you haven't already, 'Like' the blog, by following TFTR, AND you get your gravatar/weensy picture on the bottom of this page. 

2) Share this on Facebook, and let me know that you did.

3) Leave a comment.

Each of those flashy moves gets your name in my favourite cowboy hat, and I'll draw a winner next Sunday night, and post the name on Monday. 

And yes, this contest is open to everyone.

And by the way, the fingerless mittens, the Dishcloth for  Someone Else and the sea glass pendant? All made by my friend and fellow hockey mom, Monique Levert. 
Who is Acadian, NOT Quebecois, in case you're curious.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Announcing a contest/giveaway....

On Monday, maybe Tuesday...okay, Monday...I'm going to announce my very first...or not, I can't remember...anyway...contest and give-away.

Did you see that?

A contest? AND give-away!

With stuff I'll have to mail to the winner.


See you soon....

Monday, February 17, 2014

Back in the saddle again....

I like horses, I do.
I used to be able to ride them.

In my dreams, I can ride like this....

When, in reality, THIS is the most horse I can handle.

Or this one...

But ONLY if you push it slow and I wear a seat belt.

Some of you may have noticed I've been kinda quiet on the blogs since Christmas. I basically got tired. And I got swamped in edits of my own work.
And I have a real family, not just the ones I made up.
Although, if we want to talk about good behaviour? 
At least the fake ones do their share of work around here.

Not that *I* do, but anyway...

So, I'll try to get back in the blog-hop-visit saddle.
Aren't you thrilled?


Monday, February 10, 2014

An Australian dessert, fit for a Russian, made by a Canadian, eaten by all kinds of people.

Strawberry Pavlova...

photo from

Or as I call it, "all mine".

See that face? 
That face is thinking "If you touch my pavlova...I will bring down the boom."

And I will. Just ask my kids. Muahahaha.


Okay, does one make this plate of perfection?

Beat 6 eggs white until stiff.

photo from

Here's a tip: separate the eggs one at a time, THEN when you are sure there's no yolk in the white, THEN put it in the mixing bowl. Egg whites don't whip 'up' if there is one drop of yolk, so do each egg, one at a time.

I usually just turn the mixer to medium and leave it to do its work.

Once the whites are stiff, add 1 1/2 cups of white sugar, not all at once though. Sprinkle it on, or you'll crush the nicely whipped egg whites. 

Whip the egg whites and sugar until the grainy feel of the sugar is as diminished as possible.
Then add one teaspoon each of vanilla, white vinegar and cornstarch, and beat a few more minutes..

Put a sheet of parchment paper (do as you're told) on a pizza pan or baking sheet. I use a round pizza pan that has holes it in. I prefer using this pan because the heat goes up into the meringue and gives it a better texture than a plain cookie sheet.

Bake for ONE HOUR at 250F, then turn the heat off and leave the shell in overnight.

CAREFULLY remove the cooled shell from the parchment paper. I do this by holding the shell and paper in one hand and peeling the paper by the edges all around until it comes off. If you do it SLOWLY , then you won't crack the shell in half. The shell will crack, it always does, but just a bit.

To serve:
Place shell on serving plate.
Whip 1 1/2 cups whipping cream, yes, with sugar, and spread on the shell. 
Add 2 pounds of sliced strawberries, yes, with a bit of sugar to bring out the juices, or any kind of berry combination you like, even kiwis.

Serve and enjoy. 
photo from

I dare you to only eat one piece!!