Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When in doubt? Delete the volcano.

I was reading a blog earlier today and you know how sometimes something just doesn't look right?
So you look at the beautiful pictures of Victorian furniture and refined fanciness at its finest?
And you think...huh? What is wrong with this picture?
And you keep looking.
And looking.
And there it is!
In amongst the photos of fine wood mantels, and florally drapery with cabbage roses and whatnot, was a rather hideous cartoon of what?
A flower?
A bird?
Perhaps a small island with an erupting volcano.
And a cat.
How perfect!
Nothing says swanky, elegant, 200 year old mansion and history popping from every corner like...a volcano and a cat.
Now, mind you, I like my kid's drawings when they were tots, just as much as the next Mom, but, umm, on a blog?
Was this blog discussing the effects of Krakatoa on Polynesian society?
After a while, I went back to the blog, and the volcano cartoon was gone. And it totally saved the look of the blogpost!!

So this brings me to my point.

He doesn't say "come into my presence once you've got it together and are worthy of me".
No, He says "come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you..."
A good talking to?
A kick in the butt?
He said "I will give you rest."

Don't cloud the beauty of an offering with something that doesn't belong.

Like the assumption that He isn't listening.
Or the thought that you should take back what you gave Him and help Him out.
Don't give Him something all pretty and fancy, and then stick a volcano in the middle.

If things are on the altar, and you are asking His blessing, delete the volcano and get the junk out of the way.


  1. Good illustration on what usually goes wrong when we try to do our own will in His name!

  2. It's funny, too, Jennifer, how often I look right past the volcanoes in the middle of my stuff! Fun post. ;)

  3. Like Jill said, I don't think we always see our own volcanoes! That's why honest friends are so vital.

  4. OHHHH my word. Somehow, I feel I've seen this volcano before...hee. LOVE the application here, and I certainly have more than one volcano I need to get rid of, esp. the assumption He isn't listening. Great post!

    1. You know what they say about assuming thing, right? It's not good for you...

  5. What? I'm not allowed to whine and blow up then slink off like a mad cat? Argh! Delete the volcano. Okay. Got it.

    Spot on, Sister.

    1. Thanks, although I freely admit to blowing my stack every once in a while.

  6. I'm commenting a few days late here, but yeah...awesome post. Someday I will FINALLY learn to stop trying to step in on what God's doing. :)

    1. Hi Miss Tagg! I think we all struggle with 'stepping in', don't we? It's in our nature to take charge of our own ship. But there's a difference between, "I'm going to brush my teeth now" and "I'm moving to SPain, okay God?"
      Thanks for the visit!!

  7. Definitely something to chew on....