Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

So, THEN what happened???

A Dangerous Mercy tells the story of Tsi'tnaginnie and Kemma.

A Warrior's Grace tells the story of Natanii, Tsi'tnaginnie's older brother.

The day after Tsi'tnaginnie and his family surrendered, a battle took place in Canyon de Chelly. His brother Natanii led his men into that battle.
Natanii was a warrior. A soldier for his people, a defender of his clan. A battle ready servant. 
And a man who saw the unthinkable, who heard the unfathomable.
His wife was shot before his eyes. 
He watched her fall.
Heard her call out his name. 
Ask for his help. 
Die in front of him.
Then he did the unforgivable.

He ran from battle.

Why did he run?
Did madness destroy his mind?
Or did a dream save his life.
The night after she dies, Natanii's wife comes to him in a vision, and tells him to ride West. To find sanctuary.
To "stay alive and wait for the broken one".

But who is this "broken one" and how long must he wait?

Natanii escapes across Hopi country, deep into the mountains of Northern Arizona. 
Given sanctuary by British settlers, he becomes Nez Hutchinson, and is lost to his people forever.

Jay Tavare as Natanii.

Sarah Monroe Crossman has finally escaped the living nightmare of a hellish marriage, and the wrongful murder conviction that sent her to an asylum for the criminally insane. Finally safe at her sister's ranch in Arizona, Sarah is entirely unprepared for normal life, freedom, or the gentle kindness of a stranger.  
A stranger in the form of Nez Hutchinson, an Indian who quotes the Psalms and speaks the King's English. The brother in law who her sister never once mentioned. Not in twenty years of letters.

Jo Sullivan as Sarah Monroe

Fear dances with prejudice. The truth rips open old wounds. War comes to their doorstep as Natanii is forced to fight one last battle. 

A battle thirty years in the waiting.


What do we learn in the times when God doesn't seem to hear us? 
How does God heal wounds so deep they become part of our soul? 

Where is grace when the world falls apart?


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*DISCLAIMER: These pictures are from my Pinterest boards and do not imply that either Jay Tavare or Jo Sullivan are involved with my work, but are meant only to provide a visual for the reader.


  1. Great choice Jennifer. Darn close to what this woman's imagination came up with. Love these characters!

    1. Thanks!!
      I actually interviewed Jay a couple of years ago, very nice guy. And Jo is a friend of mine! She was the perfect 'Sarah'.

  2. I can't wait to see these stories published! Miss Natanii... And what a great representation for Sarah! I love it. :-)

    1. Hi Gwen!! Thanks, me too!!
      Yes, Jo is the perfect Sarah! I'd love to see her on the cover.

  3. I love this, Jennifer. I can't wait to read them. :)