Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What happens when I write a blog post when I am SUPER tired...

I am tired.
Tigh yerd.
I woke up at 4am yesterday.
But when I'm writing this it's Tuesday night at 9:20pm.
I'm so tired, I could laugh at a dish towel.
"OH wow, it's COTTON! HAHAHA!"

THAT kind of tired.

So. Okay, up at 4am because I didn't want to sleep through two alarms and 5 snooze buttons to get our youngest to 6am hockey practice.
I know, I KNOW, 6am is INSANE. Try it when it's -20.

SO...we all roll in at 5:30am and wait. The "rink guy" always arrives at 5:30am and lets us in.
So AFTER I suggested a bunch of the boys go sit in Quentin's truck, I went back to my van, turned on the heat and relaxed.
Quentin's dad was all thankful and stuff that I let 5 boys goof off in his truck.
Not really.

And the rink guy? Let's just say he never arrived.

We got home at 6:30am and I crawled back into bed.
I rolled over at 8:30am and hopped out of bed, brushed my teeth and drove down to the hospital for my blood tests. Which were at 8:15am.
Which is when I was alseep. Oops. Asleeep.

I was all in a fluff and lather...liar... I didn't care at all. I took a number and waited with all the other sheep. Once I got my blood sucked out of my arm , I went up to the cafeteria and tried to act cool, but what I really wanted was a trowel to scrape vast quantities of food into my maw, as I hadn't eaten since the night before.
When I saw the line up and the bacon and egg counter, all I could think was "If those people weren't there, I'd just use my hands and scoop up scrambled eggs.

Sooooo. I went to Walmart, bought a few things...must stay awake...then went home. I sat at the computer and made stupid -girl comments on blogs then went back to the hospital for a neck x-ray....must stay awake...then to Costco...must get an ice cream...then home...must stay awake...
Oh, did  mention that the lady who took my paperwork for the x-ray gave me a very sweet, sympathetic smile and said "You should have gone straight to x-ray after your blood work. Didn't they tell you that?"
Now, this lady was very nice.
But I wanted to march down the hall to the blood suckers and yell "I could have been SLEEPING this morning, but, NOOOO, you couldn't figure it out and send me to x-ray??"

But, that doesn't exactly sound all that coherent.
So I didn't.

Because I'm so nice I weep at my niceness.
Not really, but what could I do? Other than whine.

SO. Off to Costco for toilet paper, since between the family of SIX, we had 2 half rolls left and a 2 boxes of Kleenex.
And you just know someone is going to bring home the Mother of all flu I bought about 800 rolls at Costco and drive home and fell into the house and oh my...

A fresh cup of Early Grey and a few chunks of well hidden Toblerone, and ahhhh.

Don't worry, I know my kids don't read this. BTW? HAHAHA! It's in the dining room.

Okay, I NEED to get to bed, because I am losing it...

Oh wait...meaningful lesson for today?

Don't eat the foil on the Toblerone.


  1. Remember I'm up for teaching you the art of upright sleeping on the couch. It comes in very handy when you are supposed to be checking off 3 trillion items from the to-do list.

    1. UGH!! I keep telling myself to sleep more, but SOME people snore.

  2. Since when is Toblerone Canadian chocolate?


    1. Well, I guess when it's got French on the label and Canadians eat it?
      We all know it's Swiss. But we like to pretend a little...

  3. This is why I haven't written a blog post since February! Can't figure out how to stay awake long enough to blog, work, keep house and keep everyone fed. It's on the to-do list -- I'll figure it out!

    1. Bribe yourself. Take your laptop to Starbucks and when you upload the blog, get a posh drink to celebrate!

  4. You do know that you can learn to sleep standing up, eh?

    You can even sleep while walking as long as you've got a couple of mates to keep you going in the right direction.

    1. YOU are one of the very few who I think actually does sleep standing up, and while walking!!

  5. Replies
    1. It's like playing the Jaws cello music in your head when you bite that foil!