Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day Four...Amalfi and Pompeii...and a day at sea!

Day Four had us docking in Napoli (Naples) and then a bus ride to...a town...and then a boat cruise Positano.

Notice the truly awesome hairdo I'm sporting. I call it "Please, strange lady, wait til my hair looks like monkeys did it and THEN snap the photo."

We were in Tour Group Number 10.  
Some tour guides should have carried ropes and harnesses for the more, umm, annoying persons incapable of listening to a single, solitary instruction. 

Stunning scenery. But the Canadian in me kept thinking "How do they plow those roads in winter?"

Beautiful architecture!!

Well...all right then...why don't we just take your word for it?

Ahhhh, Pompeii. A very sad and interesting place to visit. Our tour guide pronounced the volcano as
 "Mont Vah-SOOOOOO-vee-uuuus".
 Yup, with her lips out to the car.

Pompeii was built on the side of a hill, we hiked alot! These were single family homes, just basically townhouses, there were lots of them.

Home of a wealthy family in Pompeii

All the streets are the width of one chariot.

The volcano...the cone is missing off the top of mountain and there's a huge crater. What, you don't see the crater?

THAT is the crater. 

 Use your fingers to trace where the peak should have been. Scary, eh?

 Nobody had a chance.

Pompeii today, a lovely port city with some pretty great gelato!

Sailing away from Napoli, heading toward Greece.

Our next day was a sea day, so we did fun stuff on the ship, like go to an art auction and what does my travel partner do?? Wins a limited edition!!  

But it was also formal night, so we went to the dining room for dinner. And what arrives at my place at the table??? Yes, it's as big as it looks, and as good!! 

But me and auction patron #179 didn't have time to stay, as we had to go to the gallery and choose the mattes and the frame. So the cake was delivered to our stateroom.

Next stop? 
Number #2 on my bucket list, the island of Santorini.

The view from where we arrived in the morning.

Just wait til you see the views from Fira, the Akotiri excavations and the cable car ride!!!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Jenn! Loved the Pompeii pics. The streets were so narrow! Makes you wonder if they were one-way. Otherwise, how would a chariot keep from running into a pedestrian, donkey cart, or another chariot?

  2. Apparently people knew which streets were one-way and which direction they went. And the sidewalks were raised so nobody got smacked with a chariot.Also, the streets and intersections had raised cobblestones so people could cross the street without stepping in anything.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! It makes me want to pack my bags and head over seas! I LOVED your comment about plowing snow! A Minnesota girl would have the same question. ;)

    1. No kidding about the snow, eh? I knew you'd like that comment! When I said that to my travel partner, she rolled her eyes and said "Not everyone gets snow, dear." Grrrr.

  4. Jennifer,

    I love the pictures! The limited edition is beautiful! Your hair in the above photo is not that bad, just a little wind blown. With the head we are having where I live, you should see mine by the end of the day.


    1. I need to check what I write. Head, I meant weather.

    2. The limited edition actually looks just like Amalfi, even though it's supposed to be Marina Del Ray or somewhere in California. We decided to change the location of the painting. ;)

  5. Sounds like you're on part of the Big Detonations tour...Pompeii, stop Krakatoa, then on to Mt. St. Helens?

    Sounds like a LOT of fun. I'm glad you had this experience, and are sharing it with us.

    1. Hey, I HEARD ST Helens when it blew! It was SCARY.
      We had a blast!(Get it? Blast?)