Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Santa Cruz, California, October 28th, 2014

Friday, July 19, 2013

Santorini!! Oh my WORD!!!!!

I knew someone years ago who went to Santorini, then two friends went last year. Always, when I'd see photos or video of the place...I WANTED TO GO.

Santorini, an island in the Cyclades group, in Greece, has been #2 on my "Things I Want to See Before I'm Too Old To Move" list, otherwise known as "the Bucket List". 

So when my travel partner and I, and yes, we're basically superheroes with carry-on luggage, were mulling over where to go, I pretty much fainted when we nailed the itinerary and I knew I'd be going to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Here is a view of the wee tug boat from up in Fira.

The old harbour.

These two are not my photos, but show the iconic architecture of Oia, one of the most photographed towns in the world. And yes, the place IS that steep. Do not even dream of coming here if you're on crutches or in a wheel chair.  

One of the most famous views in the world.

The view from the Greek Orthodox church in Fira. They had, umm, a Wifi router inside the church. I asked a man if it would seem slightly disrespectful if I flipped open my tablet and madly checked my email.

I was culturally sensitive.
 (and my travel partner would have beaned me)

Pink oleander in front of a home.

An ancient walkway toward a home.

The elementary school in Fira.

Front gates of a home.

White oleander.

The Akotiri Excavations. Not a single human bone was found here, archeologists think the town escaped when Vesuvius erupted and sailed away, en masse,in boats to another island in the Cyclades.

Everyone say hello to "Irini". She was SMART. Tour guides in Greece do three years of school to become qualified.  When she used the phrase "the morphology of the soil..." a whole lot more of the tour group started paying attention!

Boarding the tender to return to the biggest ship I'd seen the entire two weeks we were at sea. And YES! It was our ship!
Am I bragging?


When you see a paint sample and it says "Aegean blue" ? THIS is Aegean blue. Such a beautiful colour!

We sailed at 6:30pm, and the following photos are the sunset over Santorini and a few other smaller islands.

You're welcome.

There are three ways to get from Fira to the harbour. All three are in one video.


Next stop??

Ephesus, Turkey.

Yes, THAT Ephesus.


  1. One word, WOW!

    Santorini is beautiful. Now you made me want to add it to my list of places to go to.

    1. It was STUNNING!! I could have stayed there a week. Or 6 months.

  2. Santorini was our favourite stop during our cruise - so beautiful!

    1. Wasn't it??? We were just dropping our jaws around every corner.

  3. This looks like a place I would love! I have always been fascinated by those cities built on cliff-sides. :-) I loved the picture from the steps looking down. Breathtaking!

    1. We walked along a street in Fira and saw restaurants on those cliffs. You'd have great legs after about 3 days in that place.

  4. Wow! Now that is sight seeing. That cruise ship was simply enormous! Love the sunset pictures

    1. I think I have about 50 sunset shots!! Yeah, the ship was kinda huge.

  5. Sitting here w/my mouth agape. The Aegean blue sea...I can't get over it. This would be a cool place to set a mystery. LOVE THE PHOTO TOUR!!!

    1. Gorgeous colours, eh? I have 1250 pics from that trip, should I post more? Hahaha, not all 1200 more...